easel12Class Overview: (classes must be taken in order as each one builds on the other)

The following workshops are provided:

Class 1:  Setting the Stage, Casting the Characters

We will be taking a look at the astrology wheel, the 12 planets, understanding the influence of each of the houses and taking a look at the costumes (signs) that your characters are wearing.

leo1Class 2:  The Big 3

We will take an in depth look at your social presentation (Ascendant), your relationship model (Moon) and your core self (Sun) and how they work together.

Class 3:  Personalize Me

In this class we will look at how you filter information and deliver it (Mercury), what looks like love to you (Venus) and how you get that love and put yourself out into the world (Mars).

Class 4:  I Love Me, I Can't Stand Me

Here we will be taking a look at your expansive self (Jupiter) and the Governor of your chart – the Inner Critic (Saturn) and how it is your Mastery.

Class 5:  Influence Me

In this class we will be taking a look at the influence of the Outer Planets in your chart (Neptune, Uranus and Pluto) as these are generational signs and influence groups of us at a time.

scorpio1Class 6:  The Voices in my Head

Finally, a look at the voices in our head (aspects), the conversations that our characters are always having and putting it all together to understand the “star” of your show.



You may fill out an application and be put into the “pool” and when enough people have signed up (a min of 6 and a max of 12 to keep it intimate enough to be effective) you will be contacted with a choice of dates and we begin. Classes will be held in Sacramento, Santa Rosa, Sebastopol, Occidental or Hidden Valley Lake. Classes can be structured to be once a month, once a week or condensed over a 3-day period.
If you have enough friends, relatives and loved ones who wish to do the classes together (which is an awesome way to understand each other) with a min of 6 people and no more than 12 and you have a location large enough to facilitate the classes, then I will come to you. With this option, the classes must be done over a 3-day period, with 2, 3 to 4 hour classes each day.
Length of classes:
Each class is 4-6 hours long, depending on the amount of participants, with two 15 min breaks or one break for lunch, depending on how the group would like to structure the day.

cancer1The cost of each class is $65.

There is a discount given when you sign up for all 6 classes in the beginning, dropping the cost of each class to $45.