Astrology Readings

I offer individual, couple and family astrology readings. These readings are done in person as I believe it offers the most lasting impression on the receiver.


Come take a look at your natal astrology chart. Learn in a 2 hour session the basics of who you are and how your character shows up in the dream.


What a gift it is to have a better understanding of how your partner filters information, gets what he(she) wants and what looks like love to them. What happens when feelings come up or they are triggered and how does their social presentation differ from the partner you get at home? We all want to be the best partner we can be, come and get that knowledge in a 2 hour session that focuses on just that.


How wonderful would it be to be the best parent to your child, or to have a better understanding of your parents or to just see how the whole family works together with all the different aspects of each person in the family dynamic. Whether you have a newborn or you now have teenagers, it is a wonderful tool in learning to communicate and be more effective as a parent, child or friend to each other. Readings are arranged on an individual basis depending on the size of each family interested.


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