aries1My name is Cheryl Cerda and I have been bringing awareness to the characters in the dream through Astrology for over 25 years. I facilitated workshops using Astrology as a basis for 12 years, raised four beautiful, conscious and present boys and continue to find the joy in understanding who we are from an objective, non-judgmental perspective.

Astrology, for me, is a wonderful tool in understanding what makes you – you. For me your natal astrology chart is a blueprint into understanding how the building blocks of your character got started and how it continues to filter information, go through the world, love and be challenged. We all wish to be the greatest, grandest version of ourselves and the “star” of our own story – so just what is that for you? Come to my classes and find out what makes you unique through a fresh, innocent, unattached, non-judgmental, interactive and self-revealing process. The classes are designed around just your chart, not about learning Astrology.